Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/684/Press Review]

November 9 2003

3 Nov.2003
Main headlines:
– Independent administration for the industrial zone, unified administration for Mualla port and Aden international station for containers
– 15 persons of those who carried out the incident of al-Saeed mosque in Dhamar arrested, preliminary investigations reveal their affiliation to Islah
– Sheikh al-Ahmar accuses elections commission of committing mistakes in the latest elections
– Yemeni cultural week in Rabat, Morocco.

The newspaper's editorial has this week been devoted to discussing the Yemeni democratic experiment saying despite of that our democratic experience has not been separated from the past but the big change of this experiment has begun with the restoration of the Yemeni unity in 1990. This unity has been fatefully connected to democracy which in turn has become philosophy of the political system and reinforced by principles and rules stipulated in the constitution. The practice of democracy is regulated according to a large group of laws guaranteeing human rights, mainly the political rights.
A group of political interactions have expressed that our experiment is on its way of consolidation and development. Among those interactions we had three parliamentary elections, one presidential election session, one session of local councils elections and two referendums on the constitution. Whatever has been said of possible mistakes they remain as one of the by-product symptoms of interactions of the democratic experiment and we think we need more time and effort to get rid of such consequences.