Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/693/Press Review]

December 8 2003

8 Dec. 2003.
Main headlines:
– National strategy for secondary school education
– Return of commercial maritime movement at the Yemeni ports
– GPC's assistant secretary-general for political affairs Dr al-Asbahi opens in Beirut the symposium on reforming the Arab League
– Arab News agencies Sana'a meeting allots financial award for the best report and image
– Workshop on fighting money laundering in Aden
Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says it is very apparent that the White House during the tenure of President Bill Clinton lacked its traditional ethics and it has become threatened to lose the last of what it has been boasting of smartness and prestige in the time of the republican president Bush. Many things are happening in the name of the White House and working on defaming the reputation of its administration. The very secret visit by President Bush to Baghdad would not be the last that has aroused mockery and laughter for behavior of the House administration.
The very quick and surprise visit by Bush has missed its goals and failed in realizing what Bush desired to achieve in proving his lost courage and keenness on inspecting conditions of his soldiers who are chased by the Iraqi resistance in their camps and places of residency. Planning for the visit and the strict secrecy that accompanied it discloses the great confusion the American administration is suffering from and confirms aggravation of stupidity of decisions and stands and the absence of wisdom and balance.