Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/695/Press Review]

December 18 2003

15 Dec. 2003.
Main headlines
– Visiting the center for training and rehabilitation of orphans, President Saleh confirms his interest and care for the center sand development of revenues allocated to it
– Official security source refutes reports published by “al-Wahdawi'' weekly
– Electricity establishment DG al-Junaid: Asr Power Station starts operation beginning of next week
– Declaring Aden as mine-free area, the national demeaning committee enhances activity in the central region
– National symposium on investment in Yemeni islands
Columnist Dr Abdulmajeed al-Maqaleh says in an article as if it is not enough forth Palestinians the ongoing grinding war on their land to add to it other kinds of wars in form of initiatives and negotiations and meetings of the political factions. The aim of these activities may be to subjugate them and justify what is going on the ground. In an attempt to deceive the Arab public opinion that those initiatives and attempts are a guarantee to extinguish the blazing fire. Perhaps the worst of those initiatives at the time being are those coning in the form of a document according t which the Palestinians relinquish their right to return to their land.
A number of Palestinians have previously held meetings with Israeli individuals described as doves and claiming they desire the establishment of peace. Among those “doves'' were officials of the occupation authority but the days have proved that those groups were just a deceit aimed at misleading the world and make it know that there is inside Israel advocates for peace and that the Palestinian resistance is conflicting with the desire for preparation for dialogue, as if the dialogue in itself is alternative to meeting the inalienable rights and liberation from domination f the aggressive force that continues killing and sabotage and invading Palestinian areas.