Al-Mithaq [Archives:2003/698/Press Review]

December 29 2003

22 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Attending the symposium on reform of the Arab League, Dr al-Asbahi says the Yemeni delegation represented the major parties, expressing seriousness of the dialogue and its active participation
– HR minister al-Sousswa: We created partnership relationship with civil society organisations, working for modernizing mechanism of the ministry work
– Governors: Formation of ministerial committee to enhance decentralization, a government established credibility and aspirations for developing local authority

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh wrote in his article wondering if it is believable after all those American farcical stands the talk continues about hawks and doves running the White House. Maybe the ways of some hawks of the American administration are different but they in the final resultant are not outside the hard line that all members of the present administration have chosen to adopt to be an approach in dealing with the Arabs as terrorist people whose terrorism is manifested in their attempts of self-defence and refusing surrender to the will of the White House that considers Israel the friendly and ally state. No one can deny that some differences might emerge inside the American administration or out side it but all of them are about self interests on which of the parties to win the bigger share of booties. They are therefore differences not in favour of the Arabs and would not change any of the hard-line and declared stands against the Arabs.