Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/714/Press Review]

February 23 2004

16 Feb.2004.
Main headlines
– Development of Sana'a airport
– Extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers discusses Arab initiatives,
– FM Qirbi: Yemen sticks to principle of all countries commitment to development keeping pace with changes
– Investigation committee into violations of Aden endowment office finishes examination of documents
– German assistance program to Yemen in a consultative meeting the end of next month
– Journalists elect their chairman and syndicate council
– Amat al-Aleem presents her ministry's plan to the cabinet: a strategy on human rights, effective mechanism for protection against violations, project for prison reform

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article how important and required the dialogue was in the 20th century for the Arabs and others and how urgent it is for them now. Since dialogue is required to this degree it should begin as an Arab-Arab and then to begin it with the other that the successive events proved that the other is not just one but many, some with us and the other against us. The time when the truth was the possession of one party that governs it and interprets it. Now the truth is a public property, to everyone that serves it and realizes its dimensions. Hence it can be said that the deep problem the human in the Arab homeland have been suffering from does not lie in only backwardness and poverty but also in the absence of dialogue and it is a fact that dialogue and freedom are complementary of each other. The fear is that the dialogue could be a slogan launched into the space without touching the ground or changes into a daily practice in the house, the school, the newspaper, the party and in different walks of life. Without the dialogue divisions and differences would persist and could take hostile courses.