Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/715/Press Review]

February 26 2004

23 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Parliament members reject draft law on organizing relationship between the tenant and the leaser
– In a meeting to be held in Sana'a in April,
– Abdulaziz Abdulghani: Setting up a League of Shoura and Senate Councils in the Arab world and Africa
– Social Affairs says engineers conference illegal
– Al-A'amoudi: Freedom of transport to tackle goods stockpiling at ports
– Journalists elect their chairman and council
– Lahj local council secretary general receives EU team
– Condemned the incident as targeting expression freedom,

The GPC stresses on security bodies protection of the journalist Nasher and tracking down attackers
Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article perhaps the coming days are pregnant with events more than the past days that is what successive events and realities on the Arab arena tell us about. If the fall of Baghdad was an unexpected defeat for the Arab nation one should not get surprised if everything in the Arab land has become permitted to the hostile forces. The fall of Baghdad was not a defeat of a regime for there are many Arab regimes that emerge and disappear and we do not find someone feeling sorry about them. The fall of Baghdad was a serious symbol of the nation fall, the dimensions of which are beginning to unfold gradually in this short period and the whole image could not be complete before some years. At that time the Arabs would be a force void of any stand or meaning and a dummy in the hands of the greedy.
The fall of Baghdad was an introduction to the great collapse to come and would destroy the remainder existing pillars. Then the quake would be comprehensive and there would be no benefit from foreign friendships and alliances. Politics does not recognize constants or principles; today's friend could be tomorrow's enemy and vice versa.
Some of the Arab politicians who are always quite convinced of the American administration were saying that any talk about displacement of the Palestinians or ethnic cleansing an unacceptable legendary. Now that truth has become clear and those rumours, as those politicians used to repeat, have been put to force. The question s what would that group of Arab politicians say?