Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/719/Press Review]

March 11 2004

8 March 2004
Main headlines:
– GPC's general committee confirms the government role in stability of the economic situation
– FM al-Qirbi: The Arab countries agree on the principle of reform and no differences in the latest ministerial meeting
– Yemen-Ethiopia oil, gas and minerals cooperation, activated
– Sana'a University: A committee for preparing rules for students elections
– Recent report by the National Committee for dealing with land mines: More than 5000 injured or victims of mines and projectiles
– Director of management for rural woman: We endeavor to integrate rural women in development
The president has again drew the attention to the danger of vengeance as an impediment to development and a human crime and that fighting that epidemic has become a real crisis demanding joint efforts from the government and the people. In his field tours of the country's governorates the president has always repeated and confirmed on this question. The latest of his calls was in the governorate of Mareb when the president called on sheikhs and notables of the governorate t hold reconciliation for five years during which all the parties agree to stop all acts of vengeance between tribes in order to the state a chance for radically dealing with the problem of revenge. No doubt when the people cooperate and reconcile with themselves in this regard would discover that the chances of achieving their interests in development would increase and that would help continuation and stability of development activities the government is carrying out in their areas.