Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/729/Press Review]

April 15 2004

12 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– President Saleh: Success of Yemeni reforms reflected on security, stability and development
– Changes movement in the judicial apparatus
– Armed group attack editor in chief of 22 May newspaper in Aden
– Committee for tackling the problem of nationalized houses implements the second phase,
– Al-Shuaibi: Final touches on compensation plans
– Abu Hamza al-Masri promises to surrender himself to Yemen if he was convinced by Hattar arguments

Columnist Abduaziz al-Maqaleh says in his weekly column this week I presume there is no power in the world capable of marring the image of the United States of America as much as the present American administration does.
I also presume that this administration has excellently succeeded in deforming the most important bases this great power was depending on, namely, democracy and adoption of the call for human rights. What has been happening in Palestine and Iraq is the biggest conclusive evidence on that purposeful deformation which goes beyond of even the intentions of America's enemies in this respect. What is happening in those two countries instigates the feelings of anger and tension in all Arab and Islamic countries and also inside the United States itself.
Where are the human rights in the American administration shameful silence regarding the killing of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and the evasion from condemnation of the state terror of the Zionists? Where is the democracy vis-a-vis of the massacres perpetrated in Iraq that has changed with all its ethnic and sectarian groups into a daily war field expressing the refusal of the foreign presence and the democracy delivered by bombs and missiles?