Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/739/Press Review]

May 20 2004

10 May 2004
Columnist Iskander al-Asbahi says in an article that there is a linking connection between security and enhancement of the state strength. Politics decides that the more the state power is the more stable its security is.
That is the equation according to which the states achieve their security.
Pondering the Yemeni scene, there appears before us a fact that Yemen has the ability to realize this equation. During the last year and this year Yemen has witnessed a recession in terrorist operations and almost ended after Yemen was a target of international terror hat exposed it to various kinds of dangers and losses. Even under the weighing burden of its suffering from terror Yemen has not abandoned democracy and human rights and has not resorted to taking measures violating constitution in fighting terror but rather managed to defeat I because it realizes that democracy and human rights is one of the strong sources of its might as a state. It dealt with fighting terror through security dealing within the framework of the law. That does not imply that Yemen should loosen its grip in this regard as long as it has become free from terror but should remain alert and open-eyed in facing all that can threaten its security y and stability.