Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/745/Press Review]

June 10 2004

31 May 2004
Main headlines
– The vice president stresses the necessity of opening the center for cancer completely
– 20 million euros to fund the project of Yemeni coasts radars
– Aden governor al-Shuaibi: We have finished procedures about 45 files for investment projects after withdrawing the pieces of land that were not used for building projects
– Steps taken for preserving old documents
– In a workshop in Amran, Discussion of the health situation and mechanisms of improving health services of health institutions
– The rural woman enhances her participation in productive work
– Abuhamza al-Misri faces in Washington 1 charges pertaining to terror

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh when I wished the Arab summit not to convene it was not out of the angry popular reactions refusing whatever official stands, but I was rather urged by the force of logic resulting from foretelling the reality and reading the circumstances that renders any goodwill attempt in search of solutions an inlet for more problems leading to block all inlets of hope for restoring all that we have lost of patriotic prestige and international respect.
The summit's resolutions have fallen in three dangerous pitfalls:
– continuation of marketing the peace initiative rejected by the other party completely,
-immediate response to demands of the American administration for conducting political and economic reforms regardless of producing those demands as if they were Arab demand due to need of the Arab countries for genuine and comprehensive reforms stemming from inside, and lastly the gong after condemnation of what is termed as terror through what resolutions of the summit have affirmed of killing civilians at a time the resolutions did not denounce massacres of children and women in Palestine and Iraq and did not point to the scandal of the American occupation prisons and the violations that took place in them. The Arab leaders who did not attend the summit have done well for themselves and their citizens for they have not been witnesses of the fall of the last Arab summit into the bottom of political begging.