Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/757/Press Review]

July 22 2004

12 July 2004
Main headlines
– 7th of July opened for our people spacious horizons of progress and development, our people capable of aborting all conspiracies
– Dr Al-Asbahi: Hoisting the Yemeni flag on the Empty Quarter, significant step for excavating wealth of this area for its development
– Workshop for improvement of Social Welfare Fund's performance
– Because they contradict the law, violate the president's directives,
– Bajamal cancels information minister decisions on appointments in the television

Columnist Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in an article that every day passes after the catastrophe of Iraq occupation confirms a new cause of those the aggressors aimed to achieve. Among the main reasons that have been revealed and made clearer in the passage of time is that the occupation of Iraq has preoccupied the Arab and world public opinions with what is going on Iraq of events and aggressions to cover up what happens in the rest of the remainder of Palestine. What happens there is no less in ferocity than what is happening in Iraq. There are a daily killings and public liquidations of active Palestinian leaders as well as demolition of houses and indiscriminate shelling. It can be said that the assassination of the two martyrs Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Dr Abdulaziz al-Rantissi would not have taken place had not Iraq had become an open arena and all Arab attention was directed to Iraq, following up what is going on its land in panic of the developments taking place in that great country that had fallen in the hands of occupation. Since the occupation of Iraq Palestine has lost more than it has lost over tens of years.