Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/767/Press Review]

August 26 2004

16 August 2004
Main headlines
– Qardawi appeals to president Saleh to exercise political and diplomatic pressure for the prevention of the Zionist criminal plot against the Aqsa Mosque
– Official source for the Abyan governorate: Aden-Abyan army was finished seven years ago
– Two years from now, heads of local authority would be elected
– Journalists Syndicate approves the Press Award project
– Al Jawfi: New curricula for the secondary school stage the next academic year

The newspaper's editorial says the backward projects that raise slogans of going back to the past are doomed to failure even if their advocates covered themselves with religion. The reason why they fail is that they impact with the age and our national constants and the values and legislations governing us in the democratic society.
The latest example is the failure of al-Houthi sedition because it has been founded on bases, slogans, and goals the Yemeni people reject. This is an evidence of the extent and degree of awareness and great change in our society. The Yemeni people are living a new life, always renewable and the idea of going back to the past is in the minds of those linking themselves and their destiny to the ecclesiasticism.
Another forward step in the field of the transfer of power totally to the citizens in their districts has become imminent after the success of our experiment of the local authority.