Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/769/Press Review]

September 2 2004

23 August 2004
Main headlines
– GPC observes it 22nd foundation anniversary
– President Saleh's talks with British PM Blair tackle bilateral relations and situation in Iraq and Palestine
– State minister al-Kuhlani: Ministries interference in the capital secretariat work hindered our application of local authority law
– Fact-finding committee for smuggling children appeals to organisations and forces to encounter the phenomenon
– Precautionary security measures to curb stealing mobile phones

Columnist Iskandar al-Asbahi says in his article Yemen can offer satellite information radiating good quality and impose the increasing importance and great influence of this activity on today's societies. In addition to providing technological facilities, there must be a provision of a guarantee for a high quality media and information program's influx. This needs new media administration compatible with necessities of information.
There are for instance around 200 Arab satellite channels but very few of them capture interest of the Arab audience. Media studies reveal that satellite news channels like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya come at the forefront of Arab Channels in that they have presented a new model and style of Arab information unfamiliar to the Arab information regarding the balance in news coverage and issues tackled by them as well as commitment to professional criteria.
The current situation of Arab media system as a whole has to be reconsidered so that to keep in pace with the age and responds to its challenges.