Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/787/Press Review]

November 4 2004

1 November 2004
Main headlines
– Al-Hittar: The release of 112 of those accused of having links to al-Qaeda organization and 176 of those affiliate of the “Believing Youth”
– The president of Yemen calls on all Palestinian political parties and factions to close their ranks in the way enhancing their capability of maintaining struggle
– Foreign ministers of Sana'a grouping discuss commercial cooperation and preparation for the next summit

Columnist Iskandar al-Asbahi says in his article our society is not in a position allowing being preoccupied in dialect that prevents it from action. Our society is in need of all enlightened ranks to all of them work for this country.
The columnist adds that instead of being a force of radiation for the progress of the country, some of the opposition parties are playing a role mainly meant for destruction and spread of despair among the society, they have relinquished their role as partners in building the homeland and developing it and treating its issues. There are successes and failures in the work of the government but the opposition only focuses on the negative aspects or fabricates incorrect realities.