Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/789/Press Review]

November 11 2004

8 Nov. 2004
Main headlines
– President Saleh: Looking forward to enhancing our partnership with the United States of America and developing bilateral cooperation in all fields
– GPC secretary general congratulates all national organizations on advent of eid al-Fitr
– Palestinian sources accuse Israel of poisoning Arafat
– Ayad Alawi government in Iraq declares 60-day state of emergency

Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh wrote the decease of Sheikh Zaid Bin Sultan president of the United Arab Emirate saying it the right of every unionist Arab everywhere in the Arab homeland to feel sorry and concern about the absence of a unionist leader such as Sheikh Zaid. For decades the man proved to be as one of the wise fathers encountering disputes and differences between Arab brethren and working for healing the rift.
Death has taken this unionist leader at a very critical and difficult time. The war of annihilation, the Israelis are launching on the Palestinians do not stop and its rate is increasing. The war in Iraq is taking dangerous dimensions through the use of excessive force and destroying cities and villages in pursuit of the resistance.
The resistance has proved that peoples would not squander their freedom and independence very easily, as occupiers may think. In addition there are more problems and pressures in more than a part of the Arab homeland.
The simplest review of the biography of the unionist leader Zaid makes us realize the danger of his absence at this critical stage and miss his incessant attempts in mustering the minimum level of Arab solidarity.