Al-Mithaq [Archives:2004/797/Press Review]

December 9 2004

6 Dec.2004
Main headlines
– The fifth session of the Islamic Conference consider the situations in Iraq and Palestine and Sudan
– The GPC achieves majority in elections of vacant seats in local councils
– 200 families rescued from drowning in the island of Socotra
– Yemeni-Qatari ministerial committee discusses in Doha technical and economic cooperation
Columnist Dr Abduaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article political analysts in various parts of the world have not agreed on anything but on whom the beneficiaries from the bloodshed and fires are raging in Iraq. They unanimously see and talk very clearly that the Zionist entity is the first beneficiary from what is going on in Iraq in addition to warmongers and contracting companies through exporting the services that spots of tension need. But all others' benefit dwindle before the first beneficiary that wishes all the world gets in tension and wars so that it would devote itself to destroy the Palestinian resistance and the Palestinian people.
Hence it is not arousing astonishment to know about what Arab newspapers have published about the presence of Israeli officers taking part in the battles in Falluja and in organizing street wars as they have acquired long experience in chasing the Palestinian resistance and killing the innocent people of children, women and elderly people. Disclosing the real beneficiary from the fires of Iraq and continuation of and escalation of the war in an unexpected manner does in return reveal the implicit agreement between this beneficiary and the American administration, which drives its soldiers to inferno and sends thousands of Iraqis into the same inferno.