Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/815/Press Review]

February 10 2005

7 Feb. 2005
Main headlines

– The President opens a number of service and development projects in Hadramout

– Human Rights minister reviews in Cairo Yemen's experiment in enhancement of civil rights and rebuilding rule of the law

– International conference on fighting terror discussed connection of money laundering and smuggling weapons and drugs with terror

– Endowments completes its supervision on mosques and religious guidance centers this year

– Suspicious societies finance 4000 violating religious schools

– In a bid to government encouragement of investment, a partnership agreement signed for production of cement in Hadramout

The newspaper editorial is devoted to talk on the governorate of Aden mentioning that then developmental renaissance the city of Aden has been seeing since the beginning of the last decade, has restored to the city its important status. Former policies intentionally have tried to deface its real image and its name had not been mentioned but associated with destruction and catastrophes.

The attention paid by the Yemeni political leadership to the city and rendering it into an economic capital of Yemen and center of the free zone have led to breathe life into it. Thus, it has become today the best place for big investments and the preferred site for tourists, local and foreigners. Last week then president of the republic inaugurated many projects and laid foundation stones to other projects.

On the 16th of this month, Aden would be the venue to one of the most important Arab conferences. Under auspices of the president, the seventy-fifth session of the Arab League Economic and Social council would hold its meetings in Aden. The meeting is to be attended by Arab ministers of economy, industry and trade. Selecting Aden as venue for holding the meeting has its indications for the status the city is occupying and its developmental situation.