Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/821/Press Review]

March 3 2005

21 Feb.2005
Main headlines

– GPC permanent committee concludes meetings of its fourth session, confirming refusal of attempts to take rob power away from voters will

– Wages, salaries strategy referred to special committee to study

– Specialized Court listens to prosecution evidence in accusation of 11 persons

– Documents prove Muftah and Dailami involvement in al-Houthi rebellion

– Interior ministry official source affirms Yemen' receiving of 199 wanted persons from Saudi Arabia, six of them accused in terrorist cases

– German ambassador to Yemen affirms the German chancellor visit to Yemen a confirmation of its weight in the region and successes in fighting terror

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh writes I his article since the first moment I heard the news about the assassination of the Lebanese former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri, a question is still repeated in my mind, that is why Lebanon? The other important question is how interest in Lebanon has suddenly come to the surface by the big powers especially the United States most of America.

The question is really bewildering but does not need much of analysis and thinking to reach the knowing of the reasons behind the interest in Lebanon's independence, taking into account that Israel remained for twenty years occupying the south of Lebanon and the west and east had not moved.

Hence it could not look at the criminal incident of which al-Hariri was the victim as far from what is going on in Iraq and Palestine and away from the pressures practiced against Syria. Looking at the incidence through this angle the source of the crime would be clear and defined.

It would be impossible to an Arab source however strong the disputes were. Accurate calculations from the Arab point of view would prevent the occurrence of a crime of this type. Looking for the real beneficiary is in reshuffling the cards and distracting the people attention from what is happening of in Iraq and Palestine and to concentrate attention on more pressures on Syria.

All this makes the image clear and this is what calls on the Lebanese, government and opposition to reconsider the stands with an amount of awareness and not to concede to emotions or respond to instigations of the real killers.