Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/839/Press Review]

May 5 2005

2 May 2005.
Main headlines

– The president inaugurates the people's celebrations on the 15th National Day

– Vice-president announces a new structure for wages

– PM: Scientific and technological inventions, our way for comprehensive development

– Official spokesman for the foreign ministry: The case of al-Hassani does not need political asylum, the homeland can accommodate all

– Parliamentarians criticize parliament performance, demanding equality among members according to the regulation

– Local, Arab and international drugs companies and factories are to be re-registered

– Killed and wounded in terrorist acts in Egypt

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh begins his article with queries by third world people about whether the non-aligned states would return to the world front anew.

The writer says since the Banding Conference and declaration of non-alignment principles, the third world is still at its third position for more than fifty years past. Principles of that wonderful human grouping established in the mid of the fifties of the last century are still liable for reviving a continuation for performing a positive role for which humanity is in dire need of.

It is especially so after the urgent danger of mono polarity and its attempts for imposing its influence on the world by force under various pretexts and nomenclatures. The gate, which was open in 1955 to the emergence of the third world as a strong giant facing the conflicting camps, is still open given the third world potentials and human resources in order to face the sole camp.

This camp, after the fall of its rival, has no other concern but to wrestle itself first and to confront the third world countries working for destruction of their regimes and occupy their people.

Under the concept of non-alignment, the peoples of the third world have managed to liberate tens of countries from occupation in Asia and Africa. The Arab countries were among the first to benefit from that multi-polar climate.