Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/880/Press Review]

September 26 2005

19 Sep. 2005
Main headlines

– The president: The achievements accomplished for the homeland, one of the products of the revolution and the republican regime

– Al-Eryani: Yemen is keen on compatibility of its legislations with human rights charters

– Convening the regional conference on democratic change in Sana'a, support for the democratic dialogue and enhancement of civil society role

– Yemeni-European dialogue begins in Brussels

– Demonstration by civil society organizations demanding for a law regulating carrying of weapons

– Establishment of a national museum for sciences

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh says in his article that it has not occurred in his mind that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, with all the media tumult that accompanied it, was merely one percent the land of Palestine and the withdrawing settlers do not exceed two percent of the remaining settlers that are staying in the West Bank and Jerusalem, of whom Sharon confirms they would not leave their settlements under any internal or external pressures.

It is the right for the Palestinians to feel happy and to celebrate the restoration of even one handbreadth of their occupied land. The return of Gaza to freedom, though it was not complete, it can be a herald to a comprehensive return of the remaining of the land of Palestine. That limited withdrawal removes a heavy burden from the Zionist entity. However, the astonishing thing is the attitude of an Islamic country that speedily announced the establishment of diplomatic relations with Israel justifying that by the withdrawal measure which should not represent anything deserving a price to be adopted by Arab and Islamic states. Surely the impression that the stand of that Islamic country has created for the Arab citizen is that the question of establishing diplomatic relations with the Zionist entity was already set and the Israeli partial withdrawal from Gaza was the fig leaf the politicians of that country have removed to show their real stand.