Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/886/Press Review]

October 17 2005

10 Oct. 2005
Main headlines

– A second round of dialogue between the GPC and the YSP

– Weapons that Yemen given to the legitimate Somali government carried out under knowledge of relevant international parties, smuggling groundless

– Official source describes the American ambassador statements as arousing astonishment

– Yemeni German governmental consultations in Berlin

– Calling on Arab countries to contribute to Somalia stability, FM al-Qirbi: Today we are dealing with institutions and those talking about factions want to return Somalia to the stage of conflicts

– No casualties among Yemeni students in Pakistan earthquake

Ms Careen Hews, holding the title of ambassador of American popular diplomacy has been visiting some Arab countries in a task she knows it is impossible. The mission is the improvement of the American administration image among the people of the region. Owing to her realization of the impossibility of her mission, she has confined her to some Arab leadership who would not hesitate to say the image is alright and the terrorists and extremists are the ones who are deforming it.

The task is difficult and heavy and all those who preceded her had been dismayed with the wide gap between the American administration and the world, not only among the Arabs alone. The American emissary and those who have sent her know the reasons behind the hatred that is widening day by day and that they can not only improve the image but change it with a better one. This can be achieved through recognizing peoples sovereignty, respecting their sons feelings and the Bush admitting that he is a ruler of a superpower not someone sent for sewing chaos and destroy dreams of peoples in their right to wring out their freedom from their tyrants by their own potentials and at the hands of their sons rather than by the marines and cruise missiles.