Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/898/Press Review]

November 28 2005

21 Nov.2005
Main headlines

– Deputy Minister of planning and international cooperation: Loans and assistance Yemen receives are low and spent on development sectors

– Expected surprises in the GPC's 7th general conference

– Education, health, water and sewage, priorities of the government in the third 5-year plan

– WB praises success of economic reform in Yemen

– JMP insists on two committees at each election station

Writer Yahya al-Nouri writes in comment on recent statements of Jane Novak screened by al-Jazeera satellite channel lately and talked on the Yemeni American relations. He says no doubt Ms Novak was victim of the false information that regretfully some have recruited themselves to supply her with. She has certainly affirmed ha she has completely departed from the simplest rules of impartiality, professionalism and transparency in commenting on the Yemeni political event. That situation made her to appear shaken. If that was the cause for her falling in that situation because of her little knowledge about the image of Yemen, the Yemeni foreign minister Dr AbuBakr al-Qirbi, who participated in part of the program of al-Jazeera, extended an invitation to Ms Novak to visit Yemen and see closely all data, changes and transformations that Yemen is witnessing. Thus, the Yemeni foreign minister has offered a correct example to rectify the state of wrong information that affected the views of Ms Novak. No doubt, this invitation has had its impression on observers who found out hat the invitation represents a strong argument and limitless confidence in the Yemeni discussion. Some observers have deemed that now the ball is in the court of Ms Novak to prove her credibility as researcher committed to the profession in dealing with the Yemeni affair.