Al-Mithaq [Archives:2005/906/Press Review]

December 26 2005

19 Dec. 2005
Main headlines

– The president congratulates members on success of the GPC conference, General Committee elects a woman assistant secretary general for the first time

– 7th conference: Expansion in press freedoms and principle of full transparency

– Banks Committee: Private Banks in Yemen work actively and with good reputation

– Conversion to parliamentary bi-cameral, legislative authorities for the Shoura

– Election of governors, larger authorities for local councils

– Official source: Somali sit-in protesters initiated attack of security men

– Al-Attiyah: Leaders of the GCC confirm enhancement of cooperation with Yemen

– The new draft of Press law in a seminar

Columnist Dr Abdilazizz Al-Maqaleh sys in his article what is happening in Lebanon now of successive crimes and what surrounds Syria of challenges and accusations are flagrant attempts to draw attentions away from what is happening in Iraq and Palestine. The reason is that Syria and Lebanon are the last remaining issue after the occupation of Iraq that was sincerely resisting what happens in Palestine and sympathizing with the resistance that is fighting for salvation from the Zionist occupation. Neutralization of Lebanon and Syria from playing their role first and destabilization of the material and psychological stability of these two countries is a step to make the rest of the Arab countries to be preoccupied with what is happening for them. This is the aim behind the all the assassinations beginning from Al-Hariri to the prominent journalist Jubran Tweiny. The American administration and the Zionist entity are the real beneficiaries of what is taking place in Lebanon and they exploit that to the utmost to distract the attention from what is happening in Iraq and Palestine and focus attention of the Arab nation and the world on crimes in Beirut t forget about all the daily massacres in Iraq and Palestine.