Al-Mithaq [Archives:2006/914/Press Review]

January 23 2006

16 Jan.2006

Main headlines

– The president left for Kuwait to offer condolences on the decease of Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah

– With participation of Journalists syndicate,

The Shoura Council discusses the press draft law

– Suggestions for developing the freedom of the press

– Political parties dialogue resumes next week, the higher committee sets alternative if dispute is not settled

– Ambassadors of European Union and Japan say flow of tourists to continue, the Yemeni people have depicted a real image of their utter refusal of kidnapping incidents

– Container port in Aden to be converted into international station

Remarks on the new year is the title of an article by Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Maqaleh in which he says the Arab human existence is no longer forming something important for the world and all his role is represented by his being a first-class consumer. The writer presents his second remark that says the Arab regimes that succeeded to ruling the Arab homeland in the twentieth century have not been able to work out a project for the national renascence in which the citizen would take part for its achievement. Time is measured by accomplishments achieved by peoples who in turn define the extent of their development and response to the internal and external challenges. The writer's third remark says that we as a nation have lived for a long time accustomed to a culture of praising and derision. We extol those we love though they do not deserve it and deride who we hate even if they do not deserve it. Out of this deep-rooted culture in the Arab conscience, we began to look at the passing years either from a perspective of being bad and dark or good and white without subjecting our judgments to the logic of reason and analysis. The fourth remark is about the high profile information that last year spread widely. This has included more than one Arab country mainly Egypt and Lebanon. It is the orientation of welcoming the political solution at the hands of the foreigner. It has injured the Arab intellectual, formed a shock to the public, and made the people more and more skeptical of stances of the intellectuals, considering them all propagating for occupation and they are no longer advocates of freedom and revolt against all that threatens independence and sovereignty.