Al-Mithaq [Archives:2006/934/Press Review]

April 3 2006

27 Mar 2006
Main headlines

– President Saleh: The constitution defined our way of transferring power without conspiracy on the homeland

– Multi-party system, competitive programs for building the country, some forces understood it as a pickaxe for destroying whatever beautiful

– More than 20 draft resolutions on table of the Khartoum Arab Summit

– Parties of the JMP instigate teachers to demonstrate, interior ministry warns

– GPC re-forms its General Secretariat offices

– GPC General Committee confirm continuation of dialogue with political arties and civil society organizations

– Ali Nasser Mohammed object of esteem and respect of the political leadership, the government and the GPC

– Mahboob resignation, Final attempt to outflank journalists demands

– Elections Supreme Commission fixes end of April the beginning of he process of checking and amending voter lists

Columnist Dr Abdulaziz al-Maqaleh discusses in an article the third anniversary of Iraq occupation saying the anniversary passed while the Arab homeland is in a state of death-like silence. The capitals from where the occupation troops had come took to the streets in angry demonstrations denouncing the occupation and demanding to put an end to the aggression whereas the Arab people are feeling the humiliation with silence and none of the Arab citizens in any Arab capital dares to organize a demonstration reflecting the general feeling of suppressed anger for what has been happening to Iraq. The strangest thing we have begun to hear from the so-called political and intellectual leaderships is that what is happening in Iraq is an internal affair concerns the Iraqis.

What happens in Iraq is not an internal affair as is the affair in Palestine. The occupation is the same and its agents in both countries are the ones promoting this idea of the domestic affair. If what is happening in Iraq and Palestine is among the people without occupation and foreign intervention, it could be then an internal affair. But what is happening in both countries is a flagrant foreign occupation threatening the existence of the entire nation.