Al-Mithaq [Archives:2006/938/Press Review]

April 17 2006

10 Apr 2006
Main headlines

– The GPC has not closed its doors to dialogue, JMP parties insist on aborting it

– Yemeni-Saudi coordination council to be held in Hudeidah 22 May

– Al-Awadhi: The JMP wants a dialogue inside closed-door rooms

– Committee on enhancement of decentralization approves a plan for running and operation of authority institutions

Dr Mohammed Al-Nahari queries in an article if the massacres against the Iraqis every day are going to have a stance towards them! The Arab League was supposed to discuss this subject in the summit in Khartoum, but the statement regarding it was disappointing. Moreover, the question is not just an Iraqi one as it looks. The occupation is no doubt has a role in it. May times we have said that foreign soldiers disguise in Arabian clothes had been discovered more than once having with them in their cars explosives to plant them in places inflaming seditions such as mosques of the Shiites and the Sunnis. There tens of Iraqis killed everyday and what is not broadcast by the media could be worse. Is there a premeditated intention to uproot this people who are the leaders of the flourishing civilization throughout ages?

The Iraqis are more capable than others of understanding the conspiracy and accordingly, by adoption of sectarianism and racism to be reference at the present time, they would help destroy their country.

The occupation did not succeed in its lies. It has promised the people of Iraq with expectations reaching romanticism, such as a democracy for which they would be envied by all countries of the region. The occupation may be planning to leave the Iraqis fight each other in this horrible way. Throughout history, occupation has not brought good to people and only catastrophes result from it.

The brethren's help is now more urgent than any time before and those brethren have to know that the people of Iraq, if left to be destroyed in this manner.