Al-Mithaq [Archives:2006/946/Press Review]

May 15 2006

8 May 2006.
Main headlines

– President Saleh: Yemen promising in its oil, gas and mineral wealth

– The public continue appealing to the president to back off from his decision of not running the presidential elections

– PM Bajammal: Yemen unity ended the biggest political corruption in Yemen's history

– Dr Faris Al-Saqqaf: Parties of the JMP incapable of meeting their commitments to civil society organizations

– International organizations express astonishment for sending them complaints by parties of the JMP instead of the concerned sides

– To be held in June, The 4th conference of local councils to diagnose reality of the experiment, discuss working papers on developing decentralization system

– Exemption of girl pupils from duties would encourage 150 thousand girls to enroll in education

The writer Hassan Ahmed Al-Lawzi says the great success achieved in the process of registration of new electors who have become legally eligible for elections is no doubt attributed to the good work done by the young persons who have fulfilled their duties as it should under the leadership of the supreme commission of elections. They have deserved all kinds of praise and appreciation and acquired a national certificate for their performance despite the great difficulties surrounding them. The deep awakening and keenness on implementation of laws and taking deterrent and correcting measures are enough to make us all assured that the reasonable movement in the democratic process is moving forward towards the realization of one of the greatest national goals in this year distinguished by the presidential and local elections.