Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1030/Press Review]

March 5 2007

Feb. 26
Main Headlines

– Terrorist gangs are under siege and won't escape law and its just application

– Sana'a Congregation leaders discuss economic and security dossiers, situations in the Horn of Africa and development of work mechanisms

– Yemeni Vice President confirms good implementation of Ibb investment projects

– Armed forces defeat Sa'ada terrorist gangs, who refuse to stop their blind rebellion

– Bajammal calls for exchange of professional players at the national and Arab levels to develop sporting games

– Government sets complete vision for anti-corruption mechanism contained in President's Saleh platform

– Hadramout governor calls on provincial offices of political parties to participate in a periodic meeting with authorities

– During its Fourth General Conference, Islah Party elects leadership in away leading to a brilliant future for the party

– Interior Ministry demands Al-Yadoumi, a leading member of the Islah Party, to apologize to security apparatuses for insult

– Al-Saleh Social Foundation for Development and Yemeni women distribute aids to 4,000 families

– UN Human Rights Council views Yemen's achievements