Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1032/Press Review]

March 12 2007

March 5
Main Headlines

– Saleh: our unified community rejects extremism and all the forms of fanaticism and seditions

– Foreign Minister: terrorists use arms against the state and its institutions, the Constitution and Law uphold confronting terrorists

– Several elements of the terrorist gangs and traitors killed in different parts of Sa'ada

– Qatar has new program for the UN Population Fund in Yemen

– Civil Service Ministry concludes a study on the government job role

– Yemen and France sign partnership document, youth and sports support project

– Saleh named Man of Youth Development and Peace in the world

– Vice President: the cabinet is serious to fight corruption and punish corrupt officials

The paper's lead story reads that President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed that the Yemeni society is Muslim and unified and rejects extremism, arrogance and all the forms of sectarian seditions and fanaticism. The newspaper quoted Saleh as saying that Yemeni people coexist with each other in an atmosphere of love, sympathy, forgiving and solidarity.

The statesman mentioned that religious scholars have to play a great role in protecting Islam from extremists and terrorist, hinting to Al-Houthi-led rebellion in the northern governorate of Sa'ada. He added that religious scholars and mosque preachers must increase awareness of people about the risks of terrorism to Islam and Muslims.