Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1034/Press Review]

March 19 2007

March 12
Main Headlines

– President Saleh renews Yemen's attitude to support establishing a Palestinian state and Moroccan unity

– US State Department's report: Yemen's elections are unprecedented step in countries of growing democracy

– Government encourages private sector to establish stock companies to invest in fisheries

– Many terrorist elements arrested while more than 40 others surrendered

– Iran confirms its rejection of any intervention in Yemen's internal affairs

– Hamas leader discusses with senior Yemeni government officials developments in the Palestinian land, Yemen's support for establishing Palestinian university in Sana'a

– Gulf Cooperation Council member states declare 100 investment opportunities for Yemen in the coming conference

The newspaper quoted Yemeni Minister of Industry and Trade Khalid Rajeh Sheikh as saying the financial funds offered to Gulf investors at the Investment Opportunity Exploration Conference, due in Yemen, amount up to $10 billion. During a news conference in the Saudi capital Riyadh, which was held in the presence of Gulf Cooperation Council Secretary-General Abdurrahman Al-Attiyah and other GCC officials, Sheikh ascertained that up to 100 investment opportunities in different economic, industrial, tourism and service sectors will be made available for Gulf investors at the April's conference.

According to the Minister of Industry and Investment, the conference is due to constitute an important station for enhancing Yemen-Gulf partnership. “It is a significant beginning for opening broader horizons for Yemen's entry into the GCC organization,” Sheikh added.