Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1036/Press Review]

March 26 2007

March 19
Main Headlines

– PM to opposition party leaders: dialogue is ever open to everyone, discussion is due to include all secrets and ideas

– Yemeni-British Friendship Society member praises great transformations experienced in Yemen

– Al-Haq Party dissolved under other parties' approval

– Parliament reviews an agreement for building a railway along Yemen's coastline

– Oxfam boosts women activities, decentralization process and poverty alleviation strategies

– EU Mission and UN Development Program supports Yemen's parliament and election system

– Army strikes terrorists' hideouts

The newspaper reported that the army is striking the terrorist elements in their final hideouts in the areas of Fard, Naqa'a, Matra and Al Salem, north of Sa'ada. Military and security unites, mandated to expel the rebels, are continuing their operations to dominate these areas and eliminate the terrorism remnants.

The weekly quoted Yahya Al-Shami, Sa'ada Governor, as saying: “Sa'ada governorate will be free of any terrorism remnants within a few days. All the areas of Bani Muadh, Al-Talh and Walad Masaod have been purified from the terrorist gangs.” The governor pined that the military and security forces, backed by citizens, launched operations against the final strongholds of terrorists, killing dozens and injuring many others.