Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1046/Press Review]

April 30 2007

Monday, April 23
Main Headlines

– Bajammal: The Investment Opportunity Exploration Conference is an important step toward activating political dialogue

– Authorities approve investment projects in several governorates

– Two Free Zone strategic projects available for investors

– Arab Women Investors Union awards Saleh in recognition of his role in reaching development

– Saleh: We work hard to achieve real partnership, Yemen ever open for investors

“Toward Permanent Mutual Interests” was the slogan of the Investment Opportunity Exploration Conference, which was inaugurated by President Ali Abdullah Saleh last week in the Capital Sana'a, the ruling party-affiliated weekly reported in its lead story. It added that businessmen and investors representing as many as 650 Yemeni, Arab and foreign companies, as well as 69 ministers, senior government officials and experts from the brotherly and friendly countries, participated in the conference. Organized by Yemen in cooperation with the General Secretariat of Gulf Cooperation Council, the conference aims light on investment opportunities and benefits in different sectors of the country. Also, it aims to promote around one hundred investment opportunities with an estimated cost of nearly $8 billion.

At the conference's inaugural session, Saleh ascertained that Yemen is ever open for investors and the state cares for removing any difficulties or obstacles posed to investment projects. “We exert hard effort to make available real partnership with our brothers and friends, based on reaching mutual interests. The Yemeni government is committed to work on facilitating the progress of investment projects via the General Investment Authority,” the weekly newspaper quoted Saleh as saying.