Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1050/Press Review]

May 14 2007

Monday, May 7
Main Headlines

-Politicians and academics: Success of Saleh's visit to Washington disappointed opposition leaders

– Former Prime Minister: General People Congress to experience great changes to reach political professionalism

– Thoughts of coupe prevail minds of Joint Meeting Parties leaders

– Endowment Ministry investigates mistakes contained in a new edition of the Holy Book

– Court discusses YR 10 million embezzlement case

– 22 stand trial over expired vaccination medicine

– Political Empowerment Program nominates 66 women for Parliamentary elections

Manager of Woman Department at the Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) Elham Abdulwahab said the Yemeni Woman Political Empowerment Program aims to nominate as many as 66 qualified women for the coming parliamentary elections through three mechanisms, the ruling party-affiliated weekly reported on its front page. It quoted Abdulwahab as saying, “The SCER is due to start implementing the project in the middle of 2007 and until the middle of 2008. The project includes the training of 66 women, with an average of 3 women from each governorate, in coordination and cooperation with civil community organizations and political parties and organizations.”

The woman leader continued to say that the project carries a new vision on how to ensure increase of women seats at Parliament in the coming parliamentary elections, scheduled to take place in 2009. According to Abdulwahab, the project is a summary of three national legislative components, as well as international conventions and agreements approved by Yemen.