Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1058/Press Review]

June 11 2007

Monday, June 4
Main Headlines

– Yemen announces Investment Opportunity Exploration Conference's results in Cairo

– Bajammal stresses the necessity of unifying Palestinian people to confront Israeli occupation

– Prime Minister: Yemeni-Saudi ties experience continued progress in various areas

– American official: Yemeni President's official visit to Washington reached positive results

– Ministry of Expatriates' Affairs plans to conduct a census of Yemeni citizens abroad

– Parliamentary sources attribute postponing election of Anti-Corruption Authority members to incomplete candidates' credentials

– Senior government official reveals that court discovered three money laundering cases

– French Navy trains 35 Yemeni coastguards with the aim of ensuring marine safety

– Army clears Al Al-Saifi area of rebels, displaced families return home

The displaced citizens in Al Al-Saifi area, Sa'ada governorate have begun to return home after the military forces tightly controlled on Saturday the area, which is one of the three most important outlets leading to the stronghold of rebels in the districts of Matra, Al Dhurriya and Al Ghubair, the ruling party- affiliated weekly reported on its front page. It quoted a local source as saying that the areas of Al-Talh, Al-Nadhir and Burkan have become safe, thereby helping the displaced people to return home. The source mentioned that the army cleared Al Al-Saifi area of rebels and those who are loyal with leader of the rebellion Abdulmalik Al-Houthi.

In the meantime, several local sources in the restive governorate confirmed that the rebellion's second man Mohammed Eidha Al-Rizami was injured in the latest military operations. The same sources denied the availability of authentic news stories regarding the injury of leader of the rebellion Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, adding that the concerned authorities are investigating the facts to confirm repots of Al-Houthi's injury.