Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1068/Press Review]

July 16 2007

Monday, July 9
Main Headlines

– Yemen signs agreement with Arab Labor Organization to train local labor leaders

– Government opens three centers to reinstate military service returnees

– A Sana'a top tourism official dismissed

– Yemen and China sign three agreements on cooperation in minerals' areas

– Authorities criticize slogans raised by army pensioners for allegedly damaging the national interest

– MC World Group of Companies plans to establish big trade center in Sana'a

– Reconciliation committee gives Sa'ada rebels another 48- hour ultimatum to implement the accord

The reconciliation committee concerned with supervising implementation of terms of the accord reached between Sa'ada rebels, led by Abdulmalik Al-Houthi and the authorities, gave the rebels another 48- hour ultimatum to quit their positions on the summits of mountains and lay down their heavy and light arms, the ruling party's weekly reported in a front page article. It continued that several local committees were formed for collecting arms from rebels and obliging them to abide by the accord.

The weekly went on to say that local sources told that the committee met prominent Sa'ada sheikhs and tribal leaders in the governorate, who in turn requested an extension of the deadline by 48 hours to persuade Al-Houthi loyalists to evict their positions on the tops of mountains and lay down their weapons in conformity with the accord terms. According to the sources, the previous deadline came to an end without reaching any fruitful results. They added that the rebels are insisting to break the accord and violate its terms.