Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1072/Press Review]

July 30 2007

Monday, July 23
Main Headlines

– Ahli Sana'a clinches title of Yemen's Premier League for the season 2006 – 2007

– Supreme Tender Committee approves nine development projects at a total cost of YR 5 billion

– Ministry of Information grants licenses for four new private newspapers in Yemen

– Vice President confirms the government is serious to resolve military retirees' issues

– Central Bank of Yemen floods local market with $38 million to maintain stability of exchange rates

– Parliament quits observing tenders and bids

– A workshop at Aden University discuss President of the Republic's role in national and civilized development

– Ministry of Oil and Minerals ready to establish transparency council, invites organizations for deliberations

The Ministry of Oil and Minerals invited civil community organizations to attend a scheduled round of deliberations ahead of establishing the Yemeni Transparency Council in conformity with the World Transparency Initiative concerned with oil and minerals industries, which Yemen joined last March, the ruling party's weekly reported. During the ministry's meeting with representatives of civil community organizations on Sunday, July 22, three organizations, namely they are the Human Rights Information & Training Center (HRITC), Future Current Organization (FCO) and Yemeni Parliamentarians Organization (YPO), were elected as permanent members of Yemeni Transparency Council representing the civil community.

The council is due to be formed from private sector companies working in the field of oil and minerals and the concerned government agencies, plus the three organizations, which have been elected for being concerned with transparency. General Manager of Planning and Statistics Department in the Ministry of Oil and Minerals Mohammed Saleh Moqbil said that the three ministries of oil & minerals, finance and planning & international cooperation will be members of the council.