Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1084/Press Review]

September 10 2007

Monday, September 3
Main Headlines

-Crime rates in Yemen decline by 35 percent as government passes arms bearing ban

-Anti-Corruption Authority's members ratify financial liabilities before Parliament

-Yemeni Countedness and Anti-Corruption Organization to sue dissidents who misemploy democracy

-President Saleh: Social Phenomena Evaluation Committee is neither seasonal, partisan, nor receives instructions from any political organization

-Yemen's tender-related experience reviewed at an international symposium

-Aden Governor, British Ambassador discuss investment benefits in Aden

-Yemen participates in an international conference on family planning, maternal care and newborns

-Opposition's protests damages national economy, says ruling party leader

The newspaper reported that Assistant Secretary General of the ruling General People Congress Sheikh Mustafa Al-Barakani considered the opposition's protests as merely chaotic acts that have nothing to do with changing the economic situations in the country. He was quoted as saying that “Such functions don't pay harm to the ruling party or the regime as much as they damage the nation, its reputation and political system. These acts of vandalism arouse fear among foreign investors who have plans to initiate projects in Yemen.

Al-Barakani pointed out that the economic content was included in the list of dialogue issues, but the opposition exploits the subject to attain political objectives. He confirmed that the ruling party and its leaders care for establishing joint cooperation with other political parties and organizations for the sake of boosting the national interest and addressing citizens' issues. The GPC leader attributed the recent economic crisis to price rises at of foodstuffs at the international level.