Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1086/Press Review]

September 17 2007

Monday, September 10
Main Headlines

– Ruling Party's Secretary General chairs an extensive meeting for scientific committees

– Author of 'Keni Meni' says Americans and British will participate in the serial

– Yemeni Socialist Party awards recruiter by beating him

– Taiz Governor warns of carelessness and indifference toward citizens' issues

– GPC candidate in parliamentary bi-elections in an Ibb constituency wins

– Head of Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee: There are parties that exploit democracy to serve foreign interests

– President Saleh donates a completed printing unit for the blind

– Huge demonstration in Sa'ada in support of arms bearing ban

The ruling party-run paper reported in a front page article that thousands of people in the restive province of Sana'a, north of the country, organized a huge demonstration on Sunday in support of the government's decision to ban carrying weapons in Sana'a and the provincial capitals of governorates. The demonstrators took to streets with the strong faith that the spread of weapons nationwide has negative impacts on security, stability and social peace while the ban will help boost investment and comprehensive development.

The demonstration involved ordinary citizens, youths, students as well as supporters of such a brave national decision to have main cities free of weapons. The demonstrators gave speeches during the event at Al-Salam Sporting Stadium, praising the serious efforts, which the government has so far expended to prohibit carrying arms in main cities and restrict spread of such a bad habit.