Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1088/Press Review]

September 24 2007

Monday, September 11
Main Headlines

– Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council to hold meeting on Thursday

– Sa'ada Preparatory Committee discusses arrangements for celebrating anniversaries of Yemeni revolutions

– Authorities to construct an entertainment city in Aden at a cost of $5 million

– Returns from Yemeni tourism up to $178 million within six months

– Yemen receives funds from U.S. government to conduct rural electricity study

– Committee to Follow up President's platform begins its activities

– Minister of Planning and International Cooperation visits East Asian countries to discuss their support for Yemen

– World Bank funds project of protecting Taiz from flooding

– International Fund for Agricultural Development supports the poor in Yemen's rural areas

The ruling party's mouthpiece reported in a front page article that International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), affiliated with the United Nations, pledged nearly $200 million, as grants and loans, in support of the initiatives that help improve living standards of the poor in rural areas in several African, Asian, South American and Near East countries including Yemen. The UN news center mentioned that the fund will extend grants and loans to many countries including Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Morocco.

According to the paper, the UN news center will extend grants to 28 thousand farmers in Congo in order to help ensure a fair distribution of income via developing and marketing new products such as banana and beans. The news center added that IFAD agreed to extend six grants to international centers concerned with conducting agricultural researches in rural areas of poor countries.