Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1090/Press Review]

October 1 2007

Monday, September 24
Main Headlines

– Foreign Minister: We are working to activate diplomatic action for implementing President's platform

– The majority of world countries back Yemen's entry into World Trade Organization, says senior government official

– Zakah revenues increase by 91 percent this year

– 150 thousand tons of wheat and flour arrive in Yemeni ports over the last few days

– Dialogue is an opportunity to be exploited by parties, says Al-Thawra State-run Daily

– Government implements second phase of wage & salary strategy as of this October

– Government takes serious steps to boost tourism sector

– Economists and businessmen: Opposition instigates rioting to hinder investment

In a front page article, the ruling party's mouthpiece quoted economists and businessmen as saying that Joint Meeting Parties push their members to join riots with the aim of hindering investment in Yemen's southern and eastern governorates. By fomenting the rioting, the opposition parties also attempt to hinder service projects. According to the newspaper, economists and businessmen added that the opposition's support for the vandalistic acts that violate law and order is part of a conspiracy aimed at impeding the implementation of development and service projects, which the government is currently undertaking.

The economists and businessmen accused the opposition of disgusting local, Arab and foreign investors, who have plans to initiate investment projects in the country. By this behavior, the opposition machinates to deprive our country of such projects that may help reduce unemployment and create more job opportunities for youth.