Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1096/Press Review]

October 22 2007

Saturday, October 20
Top Stories

– Epidemic surveillance to resume inspection of the situations of outlets and quarantines

– GPC leader denies reports that prominent party members resigned

– Donors and World Bank extend $62 million in aid to school infrastructure

– One of the Yemeni governorates voluntarily quit bearing weapons

– President Saleh: No chance for those who try to cast doubt on our Yemeni unity unless they are ill

The ruling party's website reported that President Ali Abdullah Saleh declared that there is neither space nor chance for malicious people who are skeptical about our national unity unless they are psychologically ill. “Unity was agreed upon by all the Yemeni people and their effective participation in the democratic processes, the most important of which is the most recent presidential and local council elections,” it quoted Saleh as saying.

According to the website, President Saleh lashed out at those who trigger animosity toward the national unity and have plans to divide the country into small parts, which is very impossible for them to do so. Saleh said that Yemen has no place for defectors and secessionists, as well as those who machinate apostasy.