Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1098/Press Review]

October 25 2007

Monday, October 22
Top Stories

– GPC Permanent Committee in Lahj governorate to hold meeting on Tuesday

– Minister of Youth & Sports directs concerned agencies to award Yemeni champs in Olympics

– GPC General Secretariat invites all Joint Meeting Parties for dialogue

– Police arrest a worker for throwing a hand grenade at an oil company

– President Saleh directs military officials to immediately resolve retiree's issues

H.E. President Ali Abdullah Saleh, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, gave directives to officials in the interior and defense ministries, and the Central Organization for Political Security to immediately resolve any remaining retirees' issues on November 15 at the latest, the ruling party's mouthpiece reported. This came during his meeting with representatives of military and security retirees at Palestine Hall in Aden. Saleh discussed with retirees' representatives numerous subjects related with addressing pensioners' issues and listened to reports forwarded by the concerned officials in the interior and defense ministries, and COPS about the serious steps that has been so far taken to improve the situations of pensioners and those dismissed from their military and security jobs.

According to the reports, 96 percent of the retirees' cases have been resolved and the taken measures included promotion and reinstatement of dismissed officers and cashing any accrued entitlements to retirees. The newspaper added that President Saleh also directed the concerned government agencies to tackle land-related problems under the chairmanship of Vice-President Abdurabbu Mansour Hadi. He also ordered the establishment of provincial offices in all the Yemeni governorates to be concerned with the affairs of retirees and martyrs' families. “You must not give any chance to those who want to exploit your issue and make out of it a pretext to damage the nation and its unity, Saleh addressed retirees. “All the Yemeni people should make use of the past lessons in order to avoid repetition of the tragedy.”