Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1100/Press Review]

November 5 2007

Monday, October 29
Top Stories

– GPC resumes dialogue with Joint Meeting Parties on Wednesday

– Legal Affairs Ministry amends banking and judicial laws, enacts new insurance law

– Paris Institute pledges to retune migrant antiquities to Yemen

– Civil Service Ministry receives payrolls for salary increases of the wage strategy's second phase

– President Saleh stresses importance of educated people's role in confronting enemies of unity.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh stressed importance of the role of educated people, writers and politicians in bravely confronting the malicious attempts made by enemies of the national unity, the newspaper reported. Upon his reception at 22 May Palace in the economic and commercial capital city of Aden in the company of Vice-President Abdurabbu Mansour Hadi at the Yemeni Literature Festival, Saleh said, “Yemeni Artists and Writers Union is one of the leading and frontline civil community organizations in increasing cultural awareness among citizens.”

“We highly appreciate the kind feelings of artists and their enthusiasm to spread the culture of unity and planting it in the souls of those who never knew what was happening while the country was divided into two parts,” Saleh added. “You the artists and writers have a great mission and national duty, which are dually represented in spreading the unity culture among youths. The unity did much for us. It fostered security, safety and stability and enhanced national development while the social interests got interrelated and this undoubtedly accompanies what is great. Everyone must remain committed to defending the national unity and fixing its concepts inside our society.”