Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1102/Press Review]

November 12 2007

Monday, November 5
Top Stories

– Prime Minister gives orders preventing Watani Bank debtors from traveling abroad

– Functions of Regional International Forum for protecting genetic sources kick off

– Minister of Defense: Reinstated military servants receive their salaries in full

– Chairman of Central Organization for Control and Audit: there are violations in use of external loans

– Intellectual Symposium on Constitutional Amendments and Yemen's Future

– Political Advisor to President: Yemen refused to hand over terror suspect to U.S. Administration

The weekly reported in its lead story that Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Eryani, Political Advisor to President of the Republic declared that Yemen rejected a U.S. Administration's request to hand over the terror suspect Jamal Al-Badwi, who is sentenced to jail for his involvement in bombing the U.S. Destroyer Cole in 2000. Answering a question about authenticity of the U.S. government's request for Al-Badwi's extradition, Al-Eryani said, “The U.S. Authorities did request Yemen to hand over Al-Badwi, but we clearly told them that extradition of the suspect contravenes the Yemeni Constitution and they already know about this. Al-Badwi is now serving the rest of his imprisonment term after he has spent almost seven years in jail.”

The distinctive Yemeni politician pointed out that Yemen's relations with the U.S. are still strong despite the most recent rumors concerning Al-Badwi's case, which seemed to have their impacts on the bilateral relations between both countries.

On a side note, Political Advisor to President of the Republic commended the Yemeni-Qatari relations, saying that “Qatar had a great and indispensable role in fostering Yemen's development. And, as you know, during the London Donor Conference, Qatar proved to be the largest contributor to making the conference a success. It also proved to be primarily concerned about Yemen's development.”