Al-Mithaq [Archives:2007/1103/Press Review]

November 19 2007

Monday, November 12
Top Stories

-GPC rejects any attempts of political extortion, says Sheikh Al-Barakani

-Minister of Local Administration: land and retirees' issues to be resolved by Thursday

-President Saleh attends inaugural ceremony of Arab Games Round in Cairo

-Statement for the fiscal year 2008 expects an estimated budget deficit of YR 399 billion

-Yemeni Saudi relations are excellent at all levels, Foreign Minister says

-COCA lashes out at random planning and poor financial management in Ministry of Technical Education & Vocational Training

A report released by the Central Organization for Control and Audit (COCA) disclosed that there have been many spending violations in the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training during the fiscal year 2006, the ruling party's mouthpiece reported. It added that the report strongly criticized the random planning and poor financial management in the ministry, plus the irresponsible exploitation of project provisions in the Third Five-Year Plan 2006 – 2010. The report, of which a copy was obtained by, indicated that there are eight projects that received provisions amounting up to YR 690 million in the state's general budge for the fiscal year 2006, but the implementation of which hasn't yet been completed. Another four projects received an amount of YR 75 million, however, they were not approved by the budget plan.

The report praised the ministry's achievement regarding the surplus of YR 3 billion, clarifying that nearly YR 5.5 billion has been allocated to 18 projects in the state's budge of the year 2006. It, however, criticized those who exceeded the allocated provisions for 19 projects contained in the budget and lashed out at the ministry's failure to implement 6 projects with a total cost of nearly YR 3.4 billion.