Al-Mithaq [Archives:2008/1118/Press Review]

January 7 2008

Monday, December 31, 2007
Top Stories:

– President Saleh receives condolence cables over demise of Parliament Speaker Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar

– Hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people pay homage to deceased Speaker

– Government allocates YR 614 billion for 2008 investment program

– President Saleh and his Syrian counterpart discuss international and regional developments

– Yemen Sons' League backs constituting election commission from judges

– Presidential plane transports corpse of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmar

– Prime Minister stresses Tenders Committee's responsibility and role in fighting corruption

The ruling party's mouthpiece reported that Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mujawar stressed on Sunday the national responsibility and power delegated to the Tenders Committee's members and chairman to help them play an effective role in enhancing government's procedures for fighting corruption. Mujawar confirmed his government's backing and support for the committee and its efforts, aimed at applying the relevant law and ensuring transparency and real competition in all the government tenders.

During its meeting with Tenders Committee's chairman and members in Sana'a Sunday, Mujawar said that law and order must be the basic reference for the committee in doing all the duties required from it. He was quoted as saying that the committee should maximize use of such a reference while performing its national duty, as well as toughly confront any misconduct aimed at violating the concerned laws and independence of the committee.

The Prime Minister highlighted significance of the periodic change due to be made by the Tender committee and its affiliates in order to enhance integrity and transparency in their business. He indicated the oversight role to be exerted by the committee and its staff in precisely reviewing work of the affiliate subcommittees throughout the different stages of tender approval. In addition, the meeting discussed the committee's moves toward reform as part of the comprehensive reform agenda, plus the necessity of transparency and competition in applications for government tenders. It also discussed other aspects of relevance to approval of project proposals in various development and service areas.