Al-Mithaq [Archives:2008/1124/Press Review]

January 28 2008

Monday, January 21
Top Stories

– Antiquities Team resumes work in Asabia ancient site, local authorities identify looters

– General People Congress denounces exploitation of freedom to damage national unity.

– Ruling party leadership condemns Israeli aggression on Palestinian people

– Deputy Minister of Social Affairs & Labor accuses Islah Party of committing legal violations

– MPs: Yahya Al-Rae'i has the greatest chance to become Parliament Speaker

– Political parties resume dialogues Tuesday

– President Saleh calls on Arab leaders to hold emergency summit on Palestine's situations

President Ali Abdullah Saleh emphasized the necessity of Arab leaders being responsible for the sufferings of their Palestinian brothers regardless of the political and partisan positions to the issue, the weekly reported.

It added that Saleh considered what is currently happening in Palestine as provoking all the clear consciences, and on the contrary, harms reputation of the Arab nations.

Saleh on Monday called on his fellow Arab leaders to hold an emergency summit to discuss the Israeli lockdown of the Gaza Strip and military operations in the area.

In a phone call to Arab League Secretary General Amr Mussa, Saleh urged a meeting at the foreign minister level to prepare for an Arab summit early in February. He called Israeli actions in Gaza 'insulting to all Arabs,' according to a report published by Yemen News Agency, Saba.

Israel had cut off shipments of fuel to the only power plant in the Gaza Strip and closed border crossings to the territory since Friday. On Monday, it authorized a one-time fuel shipment, but Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Israel would continue to apply pressure on Gaza to stop rocket attacks into its territory. Israel has also stepped up military operations in Gaza.

Advising all the Lebanese political factions to unify their lines and come together for resolving the current turmoil in their country, Saleh insisted that the Arab League should expend hard efforts in this regard. He highlighted that the Lebanese factions should make painful concessions for the sake of the national interest.