Al-Mithaq [Archives:2008/1130/Press Review]

February 18 2008

Monday, February 11
Top Stories

– Parliament members elect Yahya Al-Raei their Speaker to succeed late Sheikh Al-Ahmar

– GPC wins presidency of Aden Trade Unions' Confederation

– GPC Caucus nominates MPs: Mohammed Al-Shaddadi, Himyar Al-Ahmar and Akram Attiya for Parliament presidency board

– President Saleh presents paper to Revolution History Documentation Symposium

– Arab Parties Conference: Any plots against Yemeni unity may harm the entire region

President Ali Abdullah Saleh stressed at a symposium in Sana'a that talks about political congestions by the different media outlets constitute one of the features of democracy, freedoms, as well as a fruit of the national unity, the weekly reported. Opening the 70 Day Battle Symposium, Saleh said in a gesture to opposition leaders, “If you have to be defeated and congested, why you turn to deceive people. There are congestions, but in the meantime, you are congested, it is you who have so far made malignance episodes in the nation, claimed lives of several innocent people, conspired against patriotic leaders and revolutionaries and killed them,”

Saleh continued, “Today, you (opposition leaders) are speaking of congestions in the nation, while in fact, congestion does exist in your culture because of your incomparable failure to do anything for the nation in the past. But now, you have missed the train (implying that the opposition leaders no longer have any chance to reach power) due to the presence of new generation and new leaders, as well as new cultures. You have to assess your mistakes first.”

Saleh affirmed that such false concepts can not be abandoned or exterminated unless there are good education and awareness in schools, universities and institutes. “By this, we can lay the foundation stone for a great culture, and the situation requires that we have to review the upbringing of our younger kids,” the president went on to say. “The upbringing of our younger children must be reviewed at the level of families and nationwide in order not to be deceived by malicious plots and conspiracies targeting our unity.”