Al-Mithaq [Archives:2008/1150/Press Review]

April 28 2008

Saturday, April 26
Top Stories

– U.S. President Bush confirms his government's support for Yemen's unity, security and stability

– Electricity Ministry cuts power off in Sana'a north areas as five of its engineers are attacked

– Security authorities arrest a person suspected of attempting to attack a Manakha hotel

– Qatari team returns to Sa'ada to resume mediation efforts

– University staff and teachers vows to continue strike until their demands are met

– Yemeni citizens stage democratic festivals ahead of gubernatorial elections

Under the auspices of the province's governor Sadeq Amin Abu Ra'as, the Taiz University is organizing an oratory and artistic festival Saturday, celebrating a new democratic day in Yemen, on which governors will be elected, the website reported.

The ruling party's website quoted a press release from the university as saying that “the festival is of crucial importance since it coincides with a new democratic experience in Yemen, represented by electing province governors in a democratic way through the local councilors who will cast their ballots in the process. Governors are elected for the first time in the history of modern Yemen.”

The festival is projected to involve the various political parties and organizations, as well as civil community organizations based in the governorate. In the same context, civil community organizations based in Dhamar are planning to organize a public rally in the province's capital to celebrate the democratic day that coincides with April 27 every ear and prepare for gubernatorial elections, which were postponed until May 15. Participants in the event see gubernatorial elections as the first democratic step ever taken at the Arab level.

According to the website, Dhamar Local Council Secretary General Mujahid Shayef Al-Ansi stated that such a festival, due to be staged by the various civil society organizations based in Dhamar on Sunday, involves a very important connotation of such a great democratic day and how valuable it is in the eyes of Yemeni citizens.