Al-Mithaq [Archives:2008/1174/Press Review]

July 21 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
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-IFES warns against delaying composition of Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum

-Many deceived Houthi supporters surrender themselves to army

-Saleh explains election law amendments to political party leaderships

President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday explained to leaderships of the General People's Congress (GPC), opposition parties of the National Council and both Baath Nationalist Socialist Yemen League Sons parties the latest developments in the national arena, the website reported, adding that the explanation covered aspects related to draft constitutional reforms.

The Sunday's consultative meeting dealt with issues and developments in the national arena especially the draft of constitutional reforms, presently under discussion at the Shoura council. These amendments aim to develop the political and democratic system, address worsening situations in Saada and eliminate practices of some terrorist elements that threaten security and stability nationwide.

According to the website, Saleh pointed out that these amendments are intended to improve the political and democratic system through establishing bicameral legislature and strengthening local governance with broad powers.

The meeting also discussed work papers and visions on establishing alliance, coordination and cooperation between the GPC and member parties of the Opposition National Council and other political organizations involved in the meeting with the aim of realising the national interest and enhancing the democratic and pluralist experiment, as well as expanding the scope of popular participation via local governance with full powers.

The meeting set up a joint committee from the parties involved to study all what was mentioned in the work papers and visions in order to come out with joint perceptions on the convenient formula for the establishment of this national democratic alliance on grounds of commitment to national achievements, particularly the Constitution, the Revolution, the Republic , the unity , realisation of the national interest in the first place and enrichment of the democratic practice.

President Saleh also talked about the ongoing deliberations on amending the General Elections Law and formation of the Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum in order to conducted upcoming parliamentary elections with high transparency according to their schedule.